Day 8 // GA UXDI

i think about my mental model for my design process because it is anything but a linear checklist with clear, clean endpoints. its messy. recently i have been finding it helpful to think about my process in terms of layers that i zoom in and zoom out of.

andy polaine talks about this in his book on service design: “the practice of service design involves repeatedly zooming in and out between material and digital detail, and the big picture. Grand narratives or visions describing a service experience or value proposition are necessary. But so, too, are repeated attempts to describe the granular details…a service design approach requires moving to and fro between each of these, rather than leaving mundane detail until later in a development process as if it’s not so important.”

the hard part isn’t operating in different states–it’s in the transition and knowing when to be zooming in and when to be zooming out.

to borrow a quote from yoga “do your practice and all is coming.” i will keep showing up every day to embrace the struggle and refine my practice.

Day 5 // GA UXDI

we have many different ways of drawing or representing the design process at a high level but ultimately as leo pak, a GA instructor, said “there is no map for something that doesn’t exist yet.”

while there is no map, i am finding out just how important it is to be self-reflective about process and create a series of tiny paths for myself on a daily basis. it is important to put constraints on design activities in order to avoid inefficiency (by moving too fast) or paralysis (by moving too slow).

i have been paying attention to pace and scope. i have been thinking about how/when i get stuck and how/when i get un-stuck. asking myself “what would i need in order to feel ready to move forward?” is a great start. so is sketching with a thick sharpie. especially sketching storyboards and sketching the layouts of already existing websites to explore high-level design direction and specific design decisions.