Day 5 // GA UXDI

we have many different ways of drawing or representing the design process at a high level but ultimately as leo pak, a GA instructor, said “there is no map for something that doesn’t exist yet.”

while there is no map, i am finding out just how important it is to be self-reflective about process and create a series of tiny paths for myself on a daily basis. it is important to put constraints on design activities in order to avoid inefficiency (by moving too fast) or paralysis (by moving too slow).

i have been paying attention to pace and scope. i have been thinking about how/when i get stuck and how/when i get un-stuck. asking myself “what would i need in order to feel ready to move forward?” is a great start. so is sketching with a thick sharpie. especially sketching storyboards and sketching the layouts of already existing websites to explore high-level design direction and specific design decisions.