Day 4 // GA UXDI

week 1, project 1, and presentation 1 complete at general assembly. woah. we were tasked with the following design challenge: in 3 days, create a paper prototype of a mobile application that solves a need for a classmate and explain how you got there.

i have been thinking about how we document and communicate our design process and results. the key takeaway after all the presentations? focus on communicating the key user experiences (not features) of your solution.

“the app has XYZ feature” sounds different than “using the app, the user can do ABC.” changes to our language and perspective not only keep our focus on the holistic user experience but can also help keep self-reflective design in check.

focus on the why rather than the what. people in marketing think about this too. i think samuel hulick said it in a memorable way: “are you listing the attributes of the flower or describing how awesome it is to throw fireballs?”